Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ready to go... Everest here we come!

March 31, 2013- 21:00hrs (NPT) Here we are, minus a few that didn't make the morning photo shoot.

We are off to a great start. The weather has been good getting flights in and out of Kathmandu to Lukla so we are all heading off to bed in the next hour to rest up for our 04:00hrs wake up call to meet our "hopeful" first flight out. 

Gear checks are complete and bags are organized. Our base camp was built weeks ago and our cargo was sent up early February so we are now officially ready to climb, just need climbers up there and we're off to the top of the world. 

I'll give this blog a shout out once we land in Lukla.  Happy Easter everyone at home.... over and out ... Tim

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