Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ABORT!... return to EBC

April 17, 2013:  Abort!  Trip to Camp 1 was aborted this morning. Sometime shortly after 4:00hrs our members were adjusting their packs on their backs and noticed headlamps turning back from other climbers moving up the ice-fall. Tashi made contact with Sherpas ahead and learned that the ice-fall had broken up in a section and needed to be re-routed and ladders reassembled. 

Our team decided to turn back not knowing how long this process would take and if it would create a slow moving line so they opted to give it a go again tomorrow.
Tim said it was a good practice for everyone to see how long it takes them to get ready for a 3:00 wakeup call, eat, load up and get climbing within an hour. 

While the climbers rested more and entertained themselves Tim ran the Sherpas through more rope rescue scenarios. They really enjoy this kind of thing, love to learn. The day before he had ran them all through their First Aid training. You can never practice any of these two skills too much. 

The ice-fall ladders were adjusted and re-routed in about 2.5 hours.


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