Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Team Meets "Man Who Skied Everest" Chat with Yuichiro Miura

April 3, 2013: REMEMBER THE MAN WHO SKIED EVEREST?   Tim reports bumping into a bunch of oldies this year who are attempting the summit of Everest.  One of the definite "over the hill" types to mention is 80 year old Yuichiro Miura. Miura climbed to the summit of the 8850m mountain in 2003 and 2008. He skied down Everest from an altitude of 8000m in 1970, or so Tim often jokes- slid or flew down Everest- rather than skied it, no turns and using a parachute. 
Tim would know the difference having been the first to ski on the north side of Everest in 1991 from the North Col during a Canadian expedition. Pat Morrow filmed his ascent but the footage was given to a film company who had the rights to it and we've never seen it. I think it was Yale Productions out of Vancouver. We've never asked for it but should one day.
Tim was excited to meet Yuichiro today and remembers when he came to our home before his 2008 ascent on Everest with his leader of his ski ascent - Don Kato.  All eyes will be watching Yuichiro this year because of his age, experiences here and the fact he's had heart surgery four times. Crazy!  love these guys who wear their man pants. Peak Freak members are enjoying the opportunity to meet some of the characters that are lured to this region each year. There's a certain kind of addiction to this place for anyone who has been here. I'm sure a lot of our past climbers and trekkers who are following the blog would agree.  Today the team went to Ang Nima and Kamrita's house up in Khunde for lunch, took a walk around and visited the Sir Edmond Hillary school and captured some great shots. Photos will be posted on Tim's Facebook. If you aren't already following his FB click on the FOLLOW button up top and have a look. MOUNTAIN WEATHER: Typical high winds   Over and out.... Becky

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