Thursday, April 18, 2013

Leaders meet and Camp 1 reached.

April 18 2013:  CAMP 1 - Everyone made it in good form, just a couple headaches which is to be expected.

We have up there with Marty and Joshua and our Sherpa
guides: streak of lightening- Patrick, Tony, Murad, Lee, Christof, and Sean right behind Kevin who went up like a wolverine chasing a rodent- hence the nickname.

It's always good to see good speed when climbing in the ice-fall. The next rotation the slower ones will pick up speed, their time can sometimes be doubled once they are acclimatized fully and have more experience crossing the ladders and working the route and for some overcoming fear.

Leaders meet happened again today now that all leaders are here. Today it was decided among the teams how many Sherpa climbers are tossed in the mix as a joint effort to carry the required rope up the mountain and fix the route to the summit. It works best that the teams with the largest amount of climbers and Sherpas kick in more support, this was accomplished. It all went well and it was nice to see our Nepalese leaders taking the lead in organizing this ritual this year.

What's next? The team will move up to Camp 2 for a day trip, have lunch, hang out there resting, taking photos and then return to Camp 1 to sleep for the night before returning the next day to sleep at Camp 2.
Looking good..... over and out Tim

File photo of Camp 1 area adjacent
. Expect a photo upload in the next day or two.

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