Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camp 3 tomorrow!

April 28, 2013: 21:00hrs (NPT)

Tim checks in: The fixing of the route to C3 had a little set-back which has been sorted out so the fixing should be completed by tomorrow. While the Sherpa climbers are working on that Peak Freak members will continue to rest, wait and watch from Camp 2 and take a trip up to the lower Lhotse face for a close look.

April 30: Our team will all climb together to Camp 3, hand out for the day and retreat to C2 to sleep. Everyone except for Kevin Farebrother who will be attempting Everest this spring without oxygen, he'll be sleeping up there allowing his body time to adjust to the new gain in altitude gain.

Everything seems to moving along, pretty good weather, just a normal season with variables that pop up time to time. We must remember that nothing in mountaineering is absolute and especially here where there are so many people to share the experience with.

Over and out... Tim

Photo: Camp 2 after the storm

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