Tuesday, April 23, 2013

C2- complete- Camp 3 tentative schedule

April 23, 2013: 21:00hrs (NPT)  HAPPY CLIMBERS BACK AT EBC.. The team enjoyed a beautiful day today for a down climb return to base camp after their successful two night acclimatization rotation at Camp 2.  We were complimented today by another expedition on our good weather reading the past few years, credit due Becky for that. :) 

CAMP 3 SCHEDULE and SUMMIT:  It looks like the route will be fixed up the Lhotse Face on or around April 29. This lines up perfectly with the position we are now in. Our team will rest here at base camp for three or four days then head back up and get on the route to gain acclimatization at (24500 ft / 7467m). Whether or not they will sleep here or not we be determined later on. We'll need to look at the big picture and where things sit when that time comes. 

After CAMP 3 is fixed the Sherpa climbers will move up to fix the route with rope to Camp 4 and then the summit. If all goes well the route the summit rope should be fixed starting anytime after May 1st to 6th. This is the typical time it's been fixed the past few years so we are on schedule and then if it's a typical season we will get hit with weather that will ground everyone for a bit. 

Good talking with the team tonight, good laughs.Proud of their movement up there. Everyone is doing well, we just need to keep Murad warm. Murad was with me on our Everest Training Climb - Triple Crown this past autumn. That's another reason why this is such a good tool for those who aspire to climb Everest to have, he had a good sleeping bag, but where he comes from he's not used to cold. Since we learned this in October I had his bag taken to Sonam and Norgay at Everest Hardwear to put extra feathers in it, he's still cold!!...... he won't be sleeping alone up on the mountain on this expedition, definitely needs a tent buddy. 

Over and out... Tim

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