Saturday, May 18, 2013

Final summit push is on!

May 18, 20:00hrs (NPT)  FINAL SUMMIT PUSH IS ON
The team reported having a very good rest during their C4 stay, are in good shape and on their way to the summit. Murad and Lee pulled out of camp with their personal Sherpas at 19:00hrs NPT, Sean, Patrick and Kevin pulled out at around 20:00hrs NPT.  Marty will call when they reach the balcony at around 02:00hrs. 

SPOT is on for both waves, Lee and Kevin are both being tracked. 

Yesterday's summit went well, no big lines, no incidents, two ropes in place one up and one down have been placed at the Hillary Step as planned to help with passing climbers that can often create congestion. 

Low to no wind at all on the mountain as predicted. Blue skies today with fog at base camp.
The team is doing really well and we'll report back here again throughout this journey to top and back. 

Over and out... Tim

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