Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fixing on hold to the South Col

High winds up high have put the rope fixing to the South Col on hold. We expect it will settle down in a couple days for the Sherpa fixing team to continue with their work.

Peak Freaks crew was on cloud 9 when they arrived back at base camp. It's like the first day of vacation at the beach for them after a few days (1 too long) up on the mountain.

Kevin had a good night up at C3 last night and passed Murad and Lee on their way down from C2. Rocket man!

Tim is happy that our annual plan played out as before - "to get out of the way". We carefully analyzed our weather reports to get the right mix and now that our members have completed their high camp acclimatization in good form they will rest at EBC. do some laundry and then head down the valley for a good rest and oxygenation. This is a time to eat and energize and to allow their cells to repair. Heath wise the team is doing fantastic.

Big thanks to the Carte Blanche TV crew from South Africa who are following Lee Den Hond's climb this year for the "Harlem Shake" YouTube production - it came about at the time it was most needed.


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