Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ropes in to C4 and Lhotse update

Fantastic! The Sherpas pushed through working hard in high winds to complete the rope fixing to the South Col (C4) today.

Our Sherpas were whistling around camp today gearing up to begin the big carry. They are now on their way stocking camps with supplies, tents and oxygen. They will also be carrying rope up to the South Col to pass off to the fixing team to take to the summit.

There will be a lot of western climbers and Sherpa climbers on the route this week while our members will be resting down the valley instead because they are ready.

The rope to the summit is expected to be in place the 5th or 6th of May.

Other news is the rope has also been fixed to Camp 4 on Lhotse. Kevin Farebrother will be taking on Lhotse right after his Everest no oxygen summit push so this is all good stuff today.

Back at base camp it's been all good fun. Sharing stories, pictures and lots of laughs. We haven't seen our Harlem Shake yet on YouTube but we've been hearing it was received well and broadcasted on TV in South Africa. For anyone who missed it try the link.

Everyone had a chance to connect with home and are looking forward to the final push. Date TBA.

They all send a big shout out to family and friends at home. Lots of I love you's and miss you's.

Over and out... Tim

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