Friday, May 3, 2013

Vacation in Phericje

The team just pulled out of EBC for a few days to the village of Pheriche. A chance to power up, surf the Internet, disco dance with each other and breathe the rich air.

Ang Nima met our May trek group this morning in Lukla. The team is looking forward to some new faces and conversation when they get here.

SUMMIT RIDGE ROPE: I just got off the radio with our Sherpa climbers. They're just about at Camp 4 dropping of rope for the summit fixing team. Things are moving along good up there.

WEATHER: We've got some big wind moving in for a stretch. Happy we've worked our magic again getting up and out and now our team can enjoy some quiet time in Pheriche now that pretty much everyone else is up on the mountain.

Back to my guitar.

Over and out. .... Tim

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  1. Great to read that the May trekking group is there. My sister is one of them.