Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NICE ENDING - and to all a good-night

May 22, 21:00hrs (NPT) Nice ending
....with our Sherpa crew and special guest and wine master, James Cluer who arrived just in time
to meet Sean, Patrick and Kevin before they hit the trail a day early. Kevin climbs down from Camp 2 and heads off down the valley below right away, good on him, go get some air.

So this leaves James and I and our crew. What a perfect ending. We moved into our Sherpas dinning tent and got into that case of wine. James managed to successfully do his high altitude wine tasting at the foot of the glacier and will do some more again tomorrow. It takes this very serious. It's not a lark like so many things are today here.

Meanwhile at the Sherpa party I made them aware of just how expensive this wine is. The bottles were worth between $500 and $700US. Now if that didn't get some big eyes and laughs from them. They'd take a sip, laugh and say "200 rupees" take another sip and say it again and again. Good party...knocked everyone out pretty good tonight. LOL 

It was great fun for James to be part of our Sherpa party, the stories, the laughs of the going on's here each season. It's all just one big comic relief at the end when you start to look back at some of the well.... I must say, "entertaining" reason's people climb Everest. Met a Canadian- Nepalese today that came to introduce himself. He had no arms and summited Everest, apparently from Calgary, good for him I guess. This is the part had me shaking by head,  he was taken off the mountain at C2 by long-line. Makes me wonder if this is going to be a new thing. Climb up, fly down. Oh man... Never say never.

Speaking of flying- Murad, Lee and Marty did not make it to Kathmandu by helicopter. Instead they had to do a weather stop in a field between Lukla and Kathmandu and are there for the night. Hopefully the weather will improve to pop them out tomorrow morning. 

That's it.... for base camp as of tomorrow morning but the adventure still continues to get everyone out of the Khumbu. This can be a huge and epic challenge this time of year. 

Becky and I want to give a big thank you out to all the families of climbers at home for trusting us with your loved ones. We always say we ever lose a client in the mountains we won't do this anymore, 23 years later, we're still here. 

Over and out.. TIm

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