Friday, May 10, 2013

Rope fixed and Sherpas summit! .. Hooray! Good work team!

May 10, 21:00hrs (NPT) 11:49hrs- Phurba Tashi (20 times) now, Nawang Thenjing, Nima Tenjing, Gelgen Dorjee summitted following were; 
  • 12:14 hrs - Lhakpa Nurua, David Tait (UK) 
  • 13:00 ish... Tashi Thsering, Rita Dorjee, Nigma Tsheri and Sonam Phinjo.  

                                                           It's time to climb!

There are several teams looking at the promising weather report and will be making their summit pushes in the next few days. Kevin and I have been talking and Kevin is looking at climbing Lhotse first then Everest without oxygen, this will allow him to acclimatize even higher to 8516m before taking on Everest at 8848 with hopefully less people around. 

The problem with going without oxygen supplements is the climbers extremities get cold due to less oxygen flowing through the blood that provides good circulation. Hanging around too long in lines is not a good thing so this is a brilliant approach. There are several teams preparing for a summit bid now so this will buy some him some time. 

Peak Freaks are off for a high altitude walk to Pumori Camp 1 tomorrow and will get a look at the Everest scene while up there and begin to calculate all the variables before announcing our summit push. We've got a tentative plan but we want to make it count the most. The monsoon is coming, we can now see it now so this time our  Sherpas nailed it. 

Trekkers arrived!  
Big congratulations out to Jasper Merserau, Lynn Anderson, Shannon Elton, Bret Elton and Tanner Elton.  Lynn and had a complete emotional breakdown, my shoulder is wet and our Sherpa team with their big hearts came running over thinking something was wrong. This was her dream and yes it was hard and they all did it together with our amazing Ang Nima and his tender ways. 

Our team is hot!... I'm super pleased with how everyone is doing. We have a VERY strong team. We lost 3 of 8 earlier in the climb, it happens with unforeseen things and we were sad to see them go. From what I hear  compared some of the other teams we've held the drop ratio together very well. Today we have 6 solid climbers and new life long friends. Team building at it's best pre-summit is what Peak Freaks is all about. 
  1. Marty Schmidt (leading)  Kiwi/American
  2. Kevin Farebrother (non-guided) Australian
  3. Patrick McKibben (youngest- turned 24 in March- and apparently faster than Marty!!! ) Irish living in Canada
  4. Dr. Murad Lala (participant from our Triple Crown last autumn) Indian
  5. Sean Mooney (thought he was going to be the youngest) Irish, Canadian living in the UK
  6. Lee Den Hond- an amazing woman from South Africa with a huge following back home and for an excellent cause that we will be featuring in the days to come. 

Stay tuned!   Over and out.... Tim

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  1. Thanks for posting this and especially about my sister Lynn...The adventurer in the family.