Thursday, May 16, 2013

High Altitude Dreams Begin Here

May 16, 21:00hrs (NT) Camp 3 - High Altitude Dreams begin here
It's for real now to our climbers. As they lay in their tents at Camp 3 tonight trying to maximize on sleep they will start to drift in and out of confused dream patterns caused by the thin air.

Their minds will meander home thinking of the years or months they've invested in this climb, the consideration of their families, sponsors and followers. Please know that they all hold you close at heart and they are incredibly proud and happy that it's all unfolding now and that they've made it to the final stage of this expedition.

 Our team is quite excited because they are doing so well, no real doubts in their abilities, they're strong and just want to get the job done now.

There were teams who had positioned themselves at the col for a summit push this morning in the high winds who decided to lay low for another night. If they have the resources available to them and don't get too ran down they will try again tomorrow, but no summits are reported this morning.

Our window is looking fantastic as we predicted. Warming temperatures for this time of year combined with low winds, we couldn't ask for a better scenario considering it's open for quite a spell. 

Kevin who is now sleeping at C2 will join the team on the way to the Col tomorrow afternoon. He may meet them C3 for a good part of the day and allow for just enough time to pull into C4 have some food and try to rest.

The next day they will slumber in their tents, hydrate, eat and be ready to go by 21:00hrs (NPT) the night of the 18th. That's the plan and so far we are sticking to it. 

The team gives a big shout out to all the EBC trekkers they've met this spring, we are getting your words of support and it really helps. 

Over and out... Tim
Photo: Marty Schmidt- team pushing to Camp 3

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